πŸ’‚ TommyπŸ’‚ TomasπŸ’‚Tom(s)πŸ’‚ Leo/Leon/Nardo/Leonardo

πŸ’‚ Collectively uses he/they pronouns (BUT PLEASE ASK)πŸ’‚ Body is trans (ftm) (this is just the body. do NOT assume all of us identify as guys in any way)πŸ’‚ Collectively aroace flux and polyamorous (same thing as above. dont fucking assume.)

πŸ’‚ Psychological factkin/fictkin + therianπŸ’‚ Extremely large traumagenic polyfrag system (disordered)πŸ’‚ Psychotic

πŸ’‚ AJ (7/28/21)
πŸ’‚ Witch Craft Collect. (6/14/22) (this is the date one of us started dating one of them. other alters may have other dates with them)
πŸ’‚ Mike/Fin (9/23/22)

πŸ’‚ General DNIπŸ’‚ ANTI-ENDOS/NON-TRAUMAGENICS (youre making things worse for every plural.) ; sysmeds ; fakeclaimersπŸ’‚ Anti-mspec lesbians/gays ; anti he/him or they/them lesbians + she/her or they/them gays (and dont say "but youre a guy, you cant say anything on lesbian discourse!!!!". we have actual lesbians in sys who support these things, so fuck off and mind your own damn business. πŸ’€)πŸ’‚ Rise!Leo, C!Tommy, or CC!Tommy doubles. You guys cause me major distress, flashbacks, and dissociation, sorry!πŸ’‚ Extreme antis and stans/fans of most fandoms (unless the fandom is explicitly bad (FOR ANTIS ONLY))πŸ’‚C!Dream apologistsπŸ’‚ Anti-kinsπŸ’‚ Any exclusionists/hate groups (anti-endos/non-traumagenics, kin exclusionists, etc.)πŸ’‚ Ex-friends

πŸ’‚ IRLs: C!+CC!Tommy (nearly 24/7) + ROTTMNT!Leo (also nearly 24/7) (i have others but they're short episodes)πŸ’‚ Kins: Ralph (ROTTMNT), Mugman + The Devil (The Cuphead Show), Tails (Sonic)πŸ’‚ Therians: Raccoon, bluebird, crow